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Terms and Conditions

If you continue to use this website you are agreeing to comply and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use which in addition to our Private policy govern Go Property Buyers relationship with their customers when using this website.

The use of the Go Property Buyers website is subject to the following terms of use:

Buying Procedure

Go Property Buyers will make you an informal offer in principle (this could be a price range) initially over the phone and if this is of interest we will arrange for our valuer to come and give an appraisal on your property. Our valuer will offer evidence as to how they have come to the market value figure thye put on the property. Our offer will be less than the market value figure.

Within 24 hours of the marketing appraisal we will make you a formal offer which may be subject to survey and will be subject to contract. If you decide to accept Go Property Buyers offer we will instruct solicitors.

If a survey takes place and it states that the property is not mortgageable or is not a standard type of construction our formal offer may be amended or in some cases retracted. The survey is available for inspection by all clients.

With regards to lawyers, you can instruct your own lawyer or you can use one which is recommended by Go Property Buyers. If customers decide to use a lawyer recommended by us we will cover your entire legal fees. This will only be payable on completion and will not be paid if the sale does not complete.

Should you wish to proceed with our services, Go Property Buyers will also need to verify ID and all original documents (passport, Driving license, utility bills) and we will request your signature for our records.

Clients are under no obligation to proceed with a sale to Go Property Buyers, but after an exchange which is legally binding, a completion date will be set.


Go Property Buyers accepts no liability for the content of this website and any liability can be excluded by law.

Go Property Buyers will always complete in a timescale to suit you but accepts no liability if a completion date cannot be met or if a purchase does not take place for whatever reason.

Money Laundering Checks

Go Property Buyers as property buyers abide to the legislation of Money Laundering Regulations. Go Property Buyers undertake thorough due diligence on all clients so that the company is comfortable with their true identity.

Go Property Buyers has therefore put in place stringent internal controls and monitoring systems to satisfy themselves that their clients are not involved with fraudulent activity.

Customer due diligence for Go Property Buyers involves establishing from the outset:

Go Property Buyers obtain this information by requesting clients provide certain documentation. All documentation requested by Go Property Buyers has to be original in order for us to continue with the property transaction. A Go Property Buyers representative will arrange to meet you at your property so that the homeowner is met in person so that photographs / photocopies of documents can be carried out for our records. Once Go Property Buyers are in receipt of all necessary documents these will be analysed in more detail using fraud detection software (if needed). The documents Go Property Buyers require are:

As well as these documents highlighted all clients will be required to provide their signatures in the presence of our Representative. Clients / property owners are to advise us if they have changed their name in the last year to assist Go Property Buyers with their check for name changes.

Other sources of information Go Property Buyers can request is an original electoral register and information held by Equifax or Experian, the credit reference agencies. If Go Property Buyers has any doubts at all about a customer’s identity, we won’t continue to deal with you until we are completely satisfied of your identity and if the situation presents itself we will report the individual/s to the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Go Property Buyers as property buyers will apply due diligence measures on their clients when:

Go Property Buyers will undertake further due diligence when the following situations arise:


Go Property Buyers are committed to preventing fraud in the property industry. The Quick House Sale industry unfortunately has become targeted by fraudulent sellers of late and it’s for this reason why Go Property Buyers are cautious and vigorous at the same time in establishing the identities of their clients.

Go Property Buyers is committed to combating Money Laundering and the prevention of fraud and identity theft. The main legislation governing money laundering is the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, and abiding to this legislation, Go Property Buyers undertake physical and documentary checks to prove homeowners identity and proof of residence. The ultimate reason for doing this is to protect the Go Property Buyers brand, business and the general public.

If clients of Go Property Buyers decide not to choose a lawyer recommended by us, Go Property Buyers will subsequently then have to undertake due diligence checks on your legal representative. If Go Property Buyers suspect any sign of fraudulent activity there will be no hesitation to report the offence to our Money Laundering Regulatory Officer (MLRO) and in turn the National Crime Agency.


Go Property Buyers has a reputation for acquiring properties quickly and for this reason we can be targeted by fraudsters who attempt to carry out identity theft. Identity theft is generally where the property owner gives the impression that they are the property owners and then sell the property without the knowledge of the true owner.

Go Property Buyers will report any suspicious activity to the National Crime Agency so that the business and the general public are protected at all times. We can still act to proceed with a potentially fraudulent purchase with a view to catching fraudsters with the appropriate authorities.

With a view to being transparent, all telephone calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.


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